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Mofocases Privacy Policy

Mofocases and its Operators, Neo Era Media, Inc. understand and respect the need for the privacy of its users. To keep you informed of our privacy policies, we have provided this document disclosing Neo Era Media's intent, purpose and use of possibly private information, and detailing the methods of gathering of such information.

Mofocases works with a third party (Rydium) that serves ads to the site. To find out more about how Rydium manages the privacy of information in conjunction with serving ads on our site please follow this link to go to Rydium's Privacy Policy section of our Neoseeker privacy page.

Visitors to Mofocases are not subject to involuntary information disclosure of any nature, other than those intrinsic to the operation of the site and the World Wide Web in general. Certain operations and features on Mofocases may require the use of cookies and/or the propagation of session information. These cookies and sessions facilitate the visitor's experience at Mofocases, but do not represent any other security or privacy concern outside of isolated, per visit session identification and/or recurring sessions for the purpose of storing and maintaining user submitted site preferences.

Mofocases does not collect private information from its users without their knowledge. Generally, users who come to Mofocases are not required to disclose personal or private information. However, some special services such as forums and user content may require registration in order to allow full access to features. Further, Mofocases encourages users to provide cursory private and/or personal information to build the community aspect of the site, and to obtain basic group demographics data for statistical analysis. Mofocases does NOT sell, lease or rent to third parties, any private information linkable to a particular user and gathered through the registration process, without express consent from its users as indicated through information forms that users voluntarily fill out.

From time to time, Mofocases may offer incentives to users in the form of contests, prizes, and giveaways, and request that users fill out surveys or questionnaires to qualify for participation in these special promotions. Unless explicitly indicated, information from these surveys, and questionaires are used in group demographics studies and for better audience targetting - no direct relationship between demographic data and individual users is ever available to third parties.

Mofocases will take reasonable precautionary measures to protect and safeguard all information gathered from its users. Mofocases does not, however, take any responsibility for any breach of security, accidental disclosure, theft, or tampering of its users' information.

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