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Case Owner MotherBoard CPU Cooler CPU Type/Core CPU Overclocked Clock Speed CPU Mult. FSB CPU markings CPU Volt. Mem Mhz
A7N8X Deluxe ?, It's copper and works barton 2500+ 2200 12.5x 176Mhz ? 1.65V
K8NS NRO KP3 AMD64 2800+ 9x 200Mhz 1.5V
guigui -Ra- Abit IC7-MAX3 Zalman CNPS7000A Copper Intel P4 3.2Ghz 3500 x Mhz V
Pix #1 **Pix** A7N8X Deluxe V2 Maze4 Barton 2500+ 2400 11x 220Mhz 1.65V 220
Notes:I'm just running stock voltages at the moment. CPU temps are about 33 idle 37 load.
The "O" Alonso_Bistro Gigabyte GA-7N400-Pro - AMD XP 2500+ unlocked x Mhz V
Anarchists' Union angad A8N SLI-SE Stock Unit Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Stock x Mhz V 400 Mhz
Notes:Stock speeds except for the video card..
Arsis Arsis67 A8N-SLI Deluxe Zalman CNPS9500-LED AMD Athlon 64 4000+ (San Diego) Running @ 2.6 x 1000Mhz 1.35V
Old Skool Silence ATi_Loyalist P4PE CNPS 7000AlCu P4 2.66B 3121 20x 158Mhz bleh? 1.625V 403
Notes:It took alot of time, and energy,(and $$ for cooling) to tweak every drop out of this rig, but I feel that short of a vapochill, this rig is at its limit. It was alot of fun, and took alot of time, and research, but all the work was worth it, when my rig was benching 19k in 2k1, when all my friends were stuck at 8-9k...I LOVE BLEEDING EDGE HARDWARE!!!! w00000t!!!!

BTW: there should be fields for video card specs/temps. here they are:
1st gen 9700pro! YEAH!
OCed to 437/395(passively cooled with a duct, and a barton 2500+ cooler. Temps are 105/115F on the video card, and 44/53 on the CPU. not bad, but silence does have a price....
Passiv-Agressiv ATi_Loyalist P4PE Custom Built Block P4 2.66 3.4 20x 170Mhz 1.525V 400
Bandrade Toy Bandrade MSI Thermaltake Intel P4 2.0 2000 100x 533Mhz V
Sub-Zero bartvandenberg NV8 Other Athlon64 3200+ @ 2.00 2150 10x 215Mhz 1.6V 215Mhz
Notes:The only thing ive done is upped my fsb a bit. no dividers... so even my hypertransport and such are o'cd. but. it runs rock stable. even lowered ram timings from cas latency of 3 to 2.5.
nCase : Mermaid's Sonata BeWize A7N8x Custom WB Barton 2500+ 2200 11x 200Mhz 1.65V
underwater system bigbad 8knxp Neaon 3.2GHZ L2 cache 2Mb 3.7 178x 800Mhz V 433
BlackBitch Bonewizard 939 Ultra 3D Rocket AMD64 +4000 2.52 x Mhz V
ThinkTank BrainEater p3v4x BrainEater custom p3 800 eb x Mhz V
Notes:No overclocking has been done yet....That will have to wait until I finish fabricating the heatpipes for the cpu/gpu ;)
The Flamecube Captain Slug MiniATX Dynatron DC1207BM-X P4 2.4C x Mhz V
Chasm98 chasm98 7vm400m Zalman Reserator 1 Athlon XP 2400+ 2.24 ghz x Mhz V
completely NormL chipperspet D865GLC cyber cooler 2.66 northwoods x Mhz V 1024
Chopper Computer True Flame Choppercomputers M2N32 Apogee FX-62 2.8GHz dual core x Mhz V 800
Notes:The prototype model of the Chopper Computer managed a 20% CPU overclock and a 10% GPU overclock.
Tome CompMage A7N8X-Delux SLK-800a Barton 2800+ 2508 12x 209Mhz (Not worth take heat sink off to find out) 1.8V 208
Notes:With some new bios I've finaly managed to get my video more stable at higher FSB. I'm working at 208 FSB 42 over stock.
The Copper Top CopperTop KT3 Ultra-ARU Stock AMD 2500+ cooler Palomino 1700+ with L1 Bridge Mod 1800 12x 150Mhz 1.85V 300
Notes:Besides connecting the L1 bridges with a conductive pen and upping the VCore, the overclock is pretty straight forward. The 1700+ Palomino won't clock much faster than 1.8 GHz. Additionally, the PCI and AGP busses are overclocked as well since my MB does not have a freq. lock for either; however, the system is stable and video is faster.
PC 82 Crimson NF7-S 2.0 Cuplex Evo 1.0 Barton 2500+ 2300 115x 200Mhz AXDA/AQXEA 0331UPMW 195V 400
NITRO-BOX Cronydog P5W DH Deluxe Gigabyte E6700 2.9 9x 320Mhz 2.1V DDR2 6400
PornStar curtis20 a7v8x-x cooler 2500+ Barton 2800 x Mhz V
Dallas Koolance dallas NF7S V2. (Koolance watercooler integrated with case) Athlon Barton 2800XP 2500 12.5x 200Mhz 1.9V
Notes:Idle Temp: 32C
Load Temp: 36C
These are loads during summer so the ambient temps are a little high.
The Vcore is at 1.9 but only shows up at 1.85 in the bios. The NF7 S is know to undervolt a little.
Damage Control DAMAGE CONTROL P4SDX Custom heatsink with 80mm fan P4 BARTON 2.8GHZ 3.4 GHZ 21x 533Mhz 1.6V 400
HP-Resurrection 2 - Evo Defyant AMD Silver prop 3200 2600 x Mhz V 400
Red, Blue, and Acrylic djmastermind P4C800-E Deluxe Thermaltake Volcano 9 Northwood P4 2.8Ghz 3360 14x 220Mhz 1.56V 220Mhz
dude05 dude ax6bc stock with 2fans 550 640 5.5x 117Mhz 2V
Notes:CPU/HD temp - 23/22
XxXtreme A64 ElMoIsEviL K8N Neo2 Platinum MCW5002-64T Athlon64 3800+ 3157Mhz 10.5x 300Mhz ADA3500DEP4AW 1.60V 240Mhz
Notes:Well it idles at 5C and loads at 18C. Not bad for the price... still needs a grill on one of the 120MM fans.
Also needs a clear side panel.
alplex-mini endorphin EPIA PD 10000 Standard VIA Heatsink with 40mm fan VIA C3 x Mhz V
Tubby flop|s NF7 V2.0 MCW5000PT Mobile Barton 2400+ 2687 12.5x 215Mhz --- 2V 400
Notes:Made the AMD XP-M 2400+ do 2687MHz as the highest stable clock. Booted on 2795MHz on 2,1v, but with unstable XP. Temp when 2687MHz; 5c idle, 12c load.
frozenrose frozenrose IC7-MAX3 KP2 Water Block P4 2.8 EE 14x 800Mhz 1.385V
Folding Closet ghettocomp several! several brands several x Mhz V
Notes:7 visible motherboards 2 sometimes 4 additional not seen in the photos will make 9 averaged in all. They were left at stock speeds to lenghen their life and runtime and will run diskless, headless, video card free. Each layer has 256 to 512Mb RAM.
Gibbons Cube Gibbon01 Little Cube thing Alasa Amd Athlon 3400+ 2.41 x Mhz V 1024
Gigi's micro plexi custom case gigi 810 92mm duron 1.2Ghz 12x 100Mhz V 133
Metallic-G Grimlord NF7-S V2 SLK-900A Barton 2500+ 2200 11x 200Mhz 1.65V 400
Project Z gunnie KT7A Volcano 11 Thunderbird 1400 1600 12x 133Mhz AYHJA0132CPFW - A1400AMS3C 1.85V 133
Notes:Pc runs smooth at 1600Mhz, the volcano 11 runs at 3000rpm so it's relative "quiet", the cpu is capable of running at 1733 but the cooling isn't good enough for it. Stressed the temps get around 58°
CD Case V2.0 gunnie M754MLR Golden Orb Celeron 700 870 10.5x 83Mhz 1.7V 83
Notes:Cpu runs fine at 83Mhz fsb but will not run at 100, I tried wire tricks to give 1.9V to the core but nothing works.
H.R.I.P H.R.I.P K8N NEO KP3 WATER COOLING AMD64 2800+ 9x 200Mhz 1.5V
HexTerminator HexDoctor[LDC] ESC-something passive P4 2600 2850 20x 145Mhz V
HexEzette HexDoctor[LDC] ESC-something passive 2600 2850 20x 145Mhz V
The Soggy Shark hotrod7 SL-K8AV2-R Danger Den Block AMD Atlhon x64 3400+ x Mhz V
X-in a-Box Ibehoey Sk8n OEM Opteron 246 x 1000Mhz V 400
djmixx ihce_16 Combo 1 Thermaltake Bigwater SE Intel Pentium4 2.66Ghz LGA 3.0ghz x Mhz V
fr0sTbiTe ironrocket GA-K8VNXP MCW5000-64 AMD64 3400+ 2470 11x 800Mhz 1.55V 224
Notes:Temp runs around 32 degrees C. Problem for us is the Gigabyte has problems increasing the voltage higher than 1.55v which is a big dissapointment for us. Hopefully a new bios will fix it.
|::- Blue 2.0 -::| IUMaestro GA-7N400 Pro 2 MX462-V Athlon XP 3000+ 2460 12x 205Mhz unknown 1.76V 205 (410)
Coolermaster S4000 SX-1 J-Pepper SLi DR Storm G4 Athlon64 3800x2 2.6Ghz 10x 260Mhz B1 1.48V 208.4
Notes:CPU Temp: 26c Idle/35c Load
GPU Temp: 31c Idle/36c Load
PWMIC: 42c
Chipset: 34c
Hard drive 1: 31c
Hard drive 2: 30c
Turbulence korndog 8RDA+ Nemesis Water Block Mobile Barton 2500+ 2700 13.5x 200Mhz 0408 1.9V 400
lalegion lalegion88 a7n8x deluxe bigwater SE athlon 2500+ barton 3200, 2.2 ghz 11x 200Mhz 1.70V
Warp 9 leipe_lennie A7N8X deluxe v2 Asetek waterchill L20 AMD ATHLON 2600 XP 2100 10.5x 200Mhz V 200
Notes:tempspecs: inside the case 24 degrees celsius, mobotemp 28 degrees celsius, CPU temp during havy gaming never above 34 degrees celcius. system is overclocked and running at 2100 Mhz ( AMD 3000 ) stable. I can go as high as 3000 Mhz max. and still stay below 50 degrees celcius!
Play Mood Limp_Playa-69 P4C800 Deluxe Intel Cooler >_< Intel Pentium 4 Prescott 3.1 18x 133Mhz 00000F33h 1.4V 200
Notes:I have a problem whit the temp, the intel Cooler is a excrement -_-
Liquid Cooled Liquid_Cooled IC7-Max3 Maze4 CPU Block Penitum 4 2.4C 800 FSB 3000 12x 250Mhz SL6Z3 1.55V 500
Notes:2.4c overclocks easily to 3.0, I've reached 3.6 stable, but temps go up to 55C load, so i keep it at 3.0 now.
my pc matthew1337 nf4-expert 1/2" RBX athlon 64 winchester 3200 2500 10x 250Mhz 2.75V 200
AMD-overcooled Max0r KT7A Volcano 11+ Duron 1000 7.5x 133Mhz 1.75V 133
Notes:100% stable, Full load CPU in the 50's, I've pushed 1064 MHz with max mobo voltage (without voltmod) of 1.85v, but temps barely safe and crashes after a couple hours of testing w/Q3A. Might be due to a combination of high temps and PSU not being able to maintain the voltage well enough (large overvolts use a lot more power). I've overclocked the Xerox+Noname memory sticks to 145 MHz fine with 1 bump up to I/O voltage, but this requried a slight PCI bus jump. Anything between 133 and 145 required a bigger jump. I had some trouble with 145 MHz or with the resulting CPU clock however and didn't mind falling back on 1000/133 for gauranteed stability.
Mr Daco Mr Daco A7N8X-Deluxe CNPS7000B-AlCu Athlon XP 2500+ 2090 12.5x 166Mhz 1.700V 400
Notes:First O/C was [email protected] with CPU @ 51C but with some random BSOD [IRQ]. So now O/C is [email protected] with 2x512PC3200 @ still 200DDR with CPU @ 41C/1.7Vcore and superextra stable : ) I will try new RAM timings.
Blueftec Muoto NF7-S Only4Pro Mega waterblock Mobile Barton 2500+ 2796 12x 233Mhz IQYFA 0350 1.95V 233
Notes:24/7 -use I have it around 2,7Ghz. Temperatures are now in summer max 44c. And water is around 30celsius.
Polar Byte nester111 P4C800-E Deluxe (Sinked) Storm Water Block 3.4EGHZ(ES) 4097 17x 241Mhz SL7E6 1.41V 482
Notes:CPU can also run at 265X14=3710. At idle temps are CPU(30~33),Case(23~26). At full load CPU(34~38),Case(24~28). All in Celcius and a room temp of 21~23. I also put two intake 80mm Vantec Tornadoes controlled by a Rheobus Sunbeam (20watts/channel) along with a black light at the back.
Super beast Optical Asus a7v8x-x One with a light :thick: barton 2700+ 2600 13x 200Mhz 2.15V 400
FIRE pablopapes mx3w pro series intel Pentium III 700 coppermine 700 for 800 7x 114Mhz 1.65V 100
Notes:this is the best pentium 3.. he had 7 years and working perfect
Dremel Dragon QuasarZ71 A7N8X DELUXE ?, it's all copper and works barton 2500+ 2200 12.5x 176Mhz 1.7V 352
Notes:I'm a lazy overclocker, I changed as little as possible with out losing stablity. I know I could get more out of it if I had better ram. My temps are low and my system is stable and that is all that matters to me.
10c41h057 r00723r0 DFI LanParty UT nF4 Ultra-D 1:3.5 AS-3000 Athlon 64 Venice 3200+ 2670 10x 267Mhz E3 1.55V 400
Radical_53 Radical_53 LANparty nF4 UT Ultra-D Cape Corp KC42 Pro Winchester 3500+ 2750 10x 275Mhz CBBFD 0432 TPMW 1.54V 275
Notes:Using bios 310P or 414-3 at the moment.
blue wonder robyholmes 915PL-A2 asus heatsink but akasa fan Intel P4 3.2GHz to 3.3GHz x Mhz V
Snakes! Scr!lla nforce 4 stock 3200 athlon 2400 10x 240Mhz stepping 0, model F 1.4V 200
Notes:stock cooler doesn't allow for much over clocking but i get surprisingly good temps and yes the case LED is accurate. when i get water cooling i'll proly oc a lot more.
Project Emerald Shady VNF250 Chaintech Danger Den TDX A64 A64 3000+ New Castle 2400 x Mhz V
shukex shukex msi cooler master barton 2600 x 800Mhz V
shuttle shuttle EP-4PGF 3g-tek 3.0 ghz 3.0 ghz x Mhz V
Bedemir sigmund ASUS P2B Stock cooler without fan Intel Pentium II (Descutes) 512kB L2 cache 0,25u 394 3.5x 112Mhz Family 6, Model 5, Stepping 2, Revision dB0 2.016V 112
Notes:Overclocking this board was pure fun. It runs rock stable, stays cool no matter how hard it is run, and is generally loveable :)
Papp sigmund Unknown Stock cooler Intel Pentium II 233 3.5x 66Mhz Family 6, Model 5, stepping 2 2V 66
Notes:The motherboard refused any attempt to overclock. But in a cellulosebased case, extra heat is not welcome, after all.
Abdul Halim Bin Saad slvrl7 MS 7061 XII Dream AMD Sempron 2200+ 9x 166Mhz 1.567V 200
DigiDice @ WaterDice Smith^^ IS-50 WaterChill 2800 3450 14x 245Mhz 17V 245
Notes:Idle CPU : 35
Idle Chip: 36
Full CPU : 43
Full Chip: 44
GFX : About 60
Saqqara Sphinx AA8 3rd eye with Guru Clock Koolance Pentium4 3.4Ghz HT 1mo 3468 17x 204Mhz 1.32V 667
K'nex Case Stevo AN35-ULTRA Stock AMD Cooler AMD Barton 2500+ 2096 11x Mhz V PC-2700
Notes:Temps on this case are fairly good. It is about 30C idle and 35-40C max load.
Case-Pc-Party Truekepirata Abit KT7-RAID Home made cooler 'sandwich' style Duron 700 1033 7.5x 137Mhz V 133
Matrix RemiXXXed vandal GA-8I915P DUO MCW6000 P4 3.0 HT x Mhz V
Gargoyles SX1 ycj P4SCT+II KP3 PRO P4 3200MHz 4x 800Mhz D0 1.385V
Graphit Zwierzak a7V880 Arctic Fan 3 TC Sempron 2200+ 1800 9x 200Mhz 1.6V 400
Notes:Processor - 1,[email protected],8GHz (no problem, safety overclocking :)), best tested: 1,95GHz
Graphic card - 250/392 @ 392/480 (no radiators on the ram)

nominal - proc.1,8GHz, graphic: 250/392
full - proc.1,8GHz, graphic: 392/480
best - proc.1,95GHz, graphic 392/480

3DMark2001SE: nominal: 7705
full: 9538 (+24%)
best: 9888 (+28%)

nominal: 2240
full: 3092 (+39%)
best: 3320 (+49%)

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