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Mofometer and ratings

When you rate a case or gallery image, you influence it's mofometer rating and its ranking on Mofocases. Each member can only vote once per case. This page is designed to give you a guideline of how to decide to vote for a case. Don't just vote 0 because you don't like a case, vote based on the RELATIVE quality of the rig.

The mofometer is located on the right hand side when viewing a case's profile.

Below is a guide to the relative values of the mofometer rating:

10/10Badass MofoAn awesome looking case, great mods, maybe lots of custom work or great looking cooling
8/10Mofo's ChoiceA great case, with good mods, good clean cabling.
6/10Pretty Darn GoodStill a decent case. Maybe it doesn't have as many custom mods as a "Badass Mofo" but it has nice cooling, good airflow, maybe some minor custom work.
4/10WHAT is THIS?!?BAD example of a modded case.
2/10What a POSVery poorly modded, or poor choice of components. Sloppy or ugly work overall.
0/10Worse than a Stock CaseJust plain wrong.

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