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hotrod7 BIO

BIO Hey Hey im just a kid from northern a professional racecar driver [] and so i build computers and stuff in my spare time. current projects inclue an all new HTPC for my room which is going to include:

dual core 64 bit AMD processor [4200+]
ati x1800xl all-in-wonder
2gb of ddr400 ram
windows media center edition 2005
half a terrabyte of 16mb cache SATA-2 harddrives [2x250gb]
audigy 2 zs platinum
dual lightscribe dvd burners [ben-q, not HP]
MSI neo4 platinum motherboard
Ultra x-connect 500 watt modular powersupply [duh..]
46" plasma to double as tv and monitor.

ill keep you posted, parts are ont he way as i type this!
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