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BIO I'm a father of 2,A grandfather of 1.this computer mod was my son's idea.NormL is a group of people trying to reform the drug laws in this country,so I named the case after them. because with the practice of medicines alternatives the side effects aren't worth it,and it should at least be an option.if you care to see a list of the uses for this herb I will email it to you anytime.and considering what alcohl does to people if they want to use it recreationallly,they should be able.I'm a dedicated herbalist,but I studied medicine freelance thats how I became an herbalist.
I play with and repair computers in my spare time.the only reason this machine has the board it has is, it would setup from the the restore partition on the hard over $800 I was keeping my operating system.I use it to edit family pictures and video.I actually prefer amd and linux.
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