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The Copper Top by CopperTop   (4 comments)

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Motherboard brand:205
Motherboard:KT3 Ultra-ARU
Case Brand:0
Small Form Factor:No
CPU Cooling brand:0
CPU Cooler Type:air
CPU cooler:Stock AMD 2500+ cooler
Additional Cooling Info:Cooler was pulled from a dead computer found in the trash (yes, I have no shame). The 2500+ it was on was also in working order!
Video Card brand:77
Video Card:Millenium G400
Case URL:
CPU Type/Core:Palomino 1700+ with L1 Bridge Mod
CPU Overclocked Clock Speed:1800
CPU multiplier:12x
CPU markings:
CPU Voltage:1.85v
Memory Brand/Type:Kingston ValueRam PC3200
Memory Speed:300
Memory Voltage:2.6v
Overclocking Notes:Besides connecting the L1 bridges with a conductive pen and upping the VCore, the overclock is pretty straight forward. The 1700+ Palomino won't clock much faster than 1.8 GHz. Additionally, the PCI and AGP busses are overclocked as well since my MB does not have a freq. lock for either; however, the system is stable and video is faster.

The case was made from three 10 ft. 1/2" copper pipes, 32 T connectors, 8 elbow connectors, and a butane torch (connectors had solder already applied which made connecting the beast much easier). All the cutting and grinding was performed with my cordless Dremel (if I only had a pipe cutter). The pic pretty much speaks for construction itself. The corners each have two horizontal bars for support and to act as handles. The hardest parts are making sure all the pipes for mounting the hardware were in the correct places since mounting on a 1/2" cylinder doesn't give you much leeway for errors. Additionally, a new top right mounting hole for the PSU had to be drilled so that the top left and right holes were both aligned rather than staggered as on most standard power supplies. When finally completed, the case is much lighter than one would expect and as strong as a tank.



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Wed Nov 30, 05 5:21AM
Hey, maybe if you can somehow get a huge copper baseplate for your CPU with heatpipes going to your case frame... That would make for one hell of a heatsink ;) Report Comment
Sun Dec 04, 05 3:03PM
great work. i agree, you sohuld integrate a complete heat pipe system into this THATS innovative. keep up the great work. Report Comment
Tue Dec 06, 05 2:11AM
Very interesting. This could be next heat-pipe generation cooling :) Report Comment
Sat Apr 15, 06 11:43AM
LOVE the idea.PLEASE do send your to expand and replicate this CASE. Maybe in 3/4 ".Rather then using copper banding I would just frame and encase ALL snuggly in more tubing 1/2"..SURRONDING HD,DVD-RDROM,PSU and MoBo.
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