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PeRs-pLeXeD! by Defyant   (8 comments)

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Motherboard brand:201
Case Brand:0
Small Form Factor:No
CPU Cooling brand:212
CPU Cooler Type:water
CPU cooler:jarron
Additional Cooling Info:Full water system
Video Card brand:92
Video Card:128 meg gf4
Case URL:

PeRs-pLeXeD! was basically built from scraps around the workshop. It was completed as a weekend mod and is the first in a possible series of 3-4 case mods all using the same teknique of using the moulded plex.
The res was custom built defyant mods res, the water setup was left overs from previous water mods , even the hose was scraps.
An old jarron water block supplies cooling to the amd cpu a swiftech GPU cooler suppies cooling to theGF4 vga vard and a swiftech mpc600 pumps the lifwater thru a dual BA rad thats coled by dual 120 UV green coolermasters!

The case was an ex display case and was donated by capitol computers.
512 ram a 120 gig hdd and cdrom complete the hardware specs.

All the plex was hand cut buy jigsaw and bandsaw, Bent with hot air and edges were fire polished.

A sexy lil eject button was fab'd and a open style mother board cover was installed to keep in theme.



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Thu Sep 15, 05 9:37AM
Like the look and the theme of this case Report Comment
Mon Oct 03, 05 11:52AM
yty turning the thing off and post some pics of that...

one thing is when the computer is on...
it's another problem with the looks when it's off, let me c how you have handled that...
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Tue Oct 04, 05 6:58AM
theres no lights on in the case!

thats how i handled it .......... what you see in the pics is external lighting only.

but knock yourself out!

plenty of pics to amuse your self with!

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Tue Oct 04, 05 11:30PM
then it's really well done, not many are using that kind of plexi...

but i wonder if you're up to a challenge...

are you able to make a case with an industrial theme?

try and show us, if you dare ;)
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Wed Oct 05, 05 12:25AM
not sure where your trying to leed this mate!!??

but im totally not interested!

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Wed Oct 05, 05 7:37AM
suit yourself.

i just like a challenge, thourght you might too m8...
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Mon Dec 05, 05 5:47PM
absolutely love it. isnt it fun to play with neon acrylic? anyways, i checked out all you stuff on photobucket and im taken aback..amazing work my friend...keep it up. Report Comment
Wed Mar 08, 06 7:10AM
cheers Hotrod tyvm mate :) Report Comment

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