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CPU Brand:Intel
Motherboard brand:88
Case Brand:791
Small Form Factor:No
CPU Cooling brand:0
CPU Cooler Type:water
CPU cooler:Custom Built Block
Additional Cooling Info:All waterblocks/Radiators custom built from aluminum and copper stock. Temps are stable at 34C idle and 41C load, for both GPU and CPU, with 24C ambient.
Video Card brand:97
Video Card:9700 Pro
Case URL:
CPU Type/Core:P4 2.66
CPU Overclocked Clock Speed:3.4
CPU multiplier:20x
CPU markings:
CPU Voltage:1.525v
Memory Brand/Type:Kingston Valueram
Memory Speed:400
Memory Voltage:2.6v
Overclocking Notes:

First, The case was gutted, and I began cutting. Well, before anything was even bought, I began the long process of laying out objectives, and designing around those goals. Then, as time progressed, the custom waterblocks were built, fitted, and the case slowly came together, As problems cropped up, solutiuons were discovered, and the progress continued. The Power supply was mounted up in the front of the case, one of my trademarks. A custom aluminum enclosure was built for the hard drive, and a flow indicator/resivior was built from a square block of aluminum, and an old fan. upon completion of the fabrication stage, all parts were powdercoated, Gloss black+ Red Flake Clear, and crisp white for the chassis. Everything was assembled, and the system was filled, bled and tested. Many more problems arose with introduction of water into the system, so more solutions had to be divised. Better silicone, better retention mechanisms, and in the end it all paid off, because I know this case was built properly, and efficiently.


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Mon Dec 05, 05 5:50PM
love this case my friend! fell in love with it the first time i saw it. like the deep crimson red and the black, really class work, keep it up! Report Comment
Mon Dec 05, 05 5:51PM
are those your radiators up top? never seen anything like that! get back to me if you can: [email protected]

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