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Project Z by gunnie   (3 comments)

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Motherboard brand:123
Case Brand:135
Small Form Factor:No
CPU Cooling brand:532
CPU Cooler Type:air
CPU cooler:Volcano 11
Additional Cooling Info:Front 120mm intake
Video Card brand:895
Video Card:Geforce 2 MX 400
Case URL:
CPU Type/Core:Thunderbird 1400
CPU Overclocked Clock Speed:1600
CPU multiplier:12x
CPU markings:AYHJA0132CPFW - A1400AMS3C
CPU Voltage:1.85v
Memory Brand/Type:Mtec PC 133
Memory Speed:133
Memory Voltage:2.6v
Overclocking Notes:Pc runs smooth at 1600Mhz, the volcano 11 runs at 3000rpm so it's relative "quiet", the cpu is capable of running at 1733 but the cooling isn't good enough for it. Stressed the temps get around 58°

This is my latest creation.
Originally this was an Aopen KF45A, quite boring case. Time to mod the sucker.

When I started this mod I had a clear picture in my mind how the case should look when it was done.

First i made the acrylic sidepanels I cut them with a sharp knife and break it along the cut line.
Then I sanded the sides with some sandpaper first a 80grid then a 120 and so on till 600grid and to finish it of with the back
of the 600grid paper.
Then I applied the window etches wich a teacher of me made. This was relative hard because the etch was quite fine and weak.
When this was done I began to fit them on the case itself. I measured all the cuts i had to do for example the cd rom and buttons.
Then I cut the holes and finished it of by spraying the back of the panels with some blue metallic paint.

The following was to cut a front blowhole in the case, in the front there would be a 120mm fan to suck in air.
I cut the hole with my jigsaw and cleaned it with my dremel.
Then the case was finished with some silver metallic spray paint.

Then I mounted all the components like leds, switches etc.

The last thing I had to do was to mount my custom "fanguard" for the front blowhole, I made this fan guard with a piece of acrylic and my dremel wich i carved the logo on the acrylic.

This case is some kind of tribute to a club I used to visit, it was called Zillion and this logo on my case was the logo of the club.
Unfortunatly the club had to close down 2 years ago, but i could never let it go.

The Hardware thats in the case

-Athlon 1400
-Abit KT7A
-Powercolor Geforce 2 MX 400 64MB -TVout
-Seagate 40GB hard disk
-256MB ram
-Sblive! 5.1
-Realtek nic



Cd rom stealth

Glowing feet

Front shot, normally you...

Tray open

Notice the shine on it

Led close up without flash ;)

Before, pic from Aopen site


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Mon Jul 26, 04 9:42PM
Great Work, I Really like the look you achieved!!! Report Comment
Wed Aug 04, 04 3:39PM
thnx :)
won one casemodcompo with it here in belgium on a small lan party, i'm working on a new case somewhat in the same style but much better then this one ;)
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Sat Aug 21, 04 9:08AM
newest case is in progress :D

pics can be seen here:

its still not finished but half september it should be completely finished :)
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