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HexEzette by HexDoctor[LDC]   (7 comments)

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CPU Brand:Intel
Motherboard brand:170
Case Brand:0
Small Form Factor:No
CPU Cooling brand:1980
CPU Cooler Type:air
CPU cooler:passive
Additional Cooling Info:
Video Card brand:88
Video Card:TI4600
Case URL:
CPU Type/Core:2600
CPU Overclocked Clock Speed:2850
CPU multiplier:20x
CPU markings:
CPU Voltage:v
Memory Brand/Type:
Memory Speed:
Memory Voltage:v
Overclocking Notes:

this is the first mod i ever did to a case, i have done many more mouse mods(that are quite impressive and other smaller mods), the case itself is acryllic with an aluminium frame. I picked this case because it was toned dark and when the computer is off it's allmost black.
there's a lot of hardware and that has it's drawbacks when it comes to moddin'.
in this case it's the cable canal in the middle of everything, but trust me you won't like to c the spaghetti there is without it(for the record can i say you can force and extreme amount of cables into such a cable canal).
i wanted a multicolor theme, therefor i picked black and red, simply cuz i like those colors (and the fans are cheap).
i made the CPU cooler passive as there's a significant airflow in the cabinet.
the PSU is a Q-tec 550W and it has been modded quite a few times since i made this mod, a special thing i made was a power distribution network so i could get rid of some of the cables...

i allso refitted the opticla drives with the original front from the tower to get a more smoth look, at the same time i fitted a few LED's into the drives for the sake of effect...(as you may note some of the pics still has the original fron of the drives)


the mouse i made to fit the...

my passive cooler wich i...

the thing in motion. i...

a pic of the rear end

the PSU

another pic before i modded...

a ppic before i modded the...

straight on

my HexEzette

this is after i modded the...

this pic is taken after the...


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Mon Feb 07, 05 10:41AM
What kind of cooler is that? A homebrewed solution or something that you bought and modified? Report Comment
Thu Feb 10, 05 11:57AM
it's an aerocool something-something,something
you can get both with fans and wothout with possibility of mounting 2 80x80mm fans or 2 60x60mm fans, but both in HexEzette and HexTerminator theres has been a suffucient airflow to keep it passive, i tried using a homemade fanduct in HexEzette and it lowered the temp with 7 degreed, mut i'll use it passively, even with a bit of OC the full load temp stays around 45 degrees C...
in basic it's just a gigantic heat pipe...
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Sun Nov 06, 05 5:36AM
Two things... A) that passive cooling is dope looking. How much does it weigh? 8 pounds? ^_^

B) I love the look of the "power distribution network" =)
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Mon Dec 05, 05 5:01AM
it ain't as heavy as i feared when i first unpacked it, 580 grams or something.
the PDN was created with one motive, getting rid of loose molex connectors, at the same time i had the opurtunity to clean up the cables fron the neon lights, but i'll admit it was a bit more work then i at first anticipated...
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Mon Dec 05, 05 8:27AM
Wire management never fails to take many extra hours. Why is that?!?!? Report Comment
Mon Dec 05, 05 5:45PM
really didnt liek this case the first itme i saw it.... but i tell you what, the PDN is growing on me... what an original concept! three cheers buddy!

keep up the [good]hard work.
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Wed Apr 25, 07 1:10PM
the PDN would be more usefull with the technology we have today, sata cables would make it look much more effective, too bad the mod has been scrapped long ago, have a SFF mod going on ATM, that's gonna be cool... Report Comment

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