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Motherboard brand:88
Case Brand:1995
Small Form Factor:No
CPU Cooling brand:1535
CPU Cooler Type:air
CPU cooler:SLK-800a
Additional Cooling Info:Had to use custom mounts on the cpu to get it not to wable.
Video Card brand:97
Video Card:Radeon 9700 Pro 128mb
Case URL:
CPU Type/Core:Barton 2800+
CPU Overclocked Clock Speed:2508
CPU multiplier:12x
CPU markings:(Not worth take heat sink off to find out)
CPU Voltage:1.8v
Memory Brand/Type:Geil PC4000 Ultra
Memory Speed:208
Memory Voltage:2.8v
Overclocking Notes:With some new bios I've finaly managed to get my video more stable at higher FSB. I'm working at 208 FSB 42 over stock.

First I would like to start by saying I fell in love with this case as soon as I saw it. I practicly didn't eat for a while so I could get it. Anways.

The case is C3's CT-2450 Premium Full Tower Black / Smoke Acrylic

What you see is 6 UV lights lighting up all that is UV reative. I have a wire wrap stuff I found on's site around the motherboard, video card, memory, and sound card. I also have it around the harddrives. I thought it really added an extra touch that painting the edges of the cards would not give. I liked it right away, best miss order I've done to date.

Intake on the 120mm, Intake on the 80 up top, Out on the 2x 92mm on the back (Indivisualy controled) And out on the PSU. All thermaltake smartfans. 80mm Big orange fan on the CPU, soon to be replaced with a thermaltake smartfan (2012 or what ever the model is.)

What you don't see is on the PCI slots and the empty memory slot are UV reative place holders. They look really nice in person, not so bright in the images.
All the fans are controled by fan controlers.
The video card has custom cooling on it. The stock just sucked. SO I put a vantec Iceburg 4 cpu cooler. This worked out great since there is a power connector right above the AGP port. I also have OCZ ram sinks on it.
Still don't OC for shit but looks nicer and I feel safer.

Power supply came moded. I sleaved some of the external power cables for the fan controler, I also sleeved the cables for my soundblaster plat. I hated that big cable sitting in there so I made my own rounded cables. (Something I've not done by hand since my Athlon 700)

To be worked on......

Optical Drives are going to be painted black as soon as I have the time, front drive bezel is going to be replaced with one that I have not......broken. (Don't ask) And I've got a sheet of metal that has a nice mirror finish on it that matchs the PSU to sit ontop of the top most drive. I am just going to have to cut 3mm off the edge of it and cut it to length. (I am not looking forword to this)

And someday when I win the LOTO I will get water cooling and new video card, board, chip. That will be nice.



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