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Framed 8.0 by zeusenergy   (3 comments)

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CPU Brand:Intel
Motherboard brand:207
Case Brand:0
Small Form Factor:No
CPU Cooling brand:532
CPU Cooler Type:air
CPU cooler:Spark 7+
Additional Cooling Info:One 80mm fan above cards and one fan per hard drive pull-out frame, open air design sides allow plenty of cooling
Video Card brand:97
Video Card:9600 AIW
Case URL:

Needed a decent looking machine that took up very little desk space. I think I managed to achieve my goal. The top machine is Framed 8.0, the bottom machine is the secondary rig with terrible specs.
Framed 8.0 has two water tubes for looks only, with air bubbles coming from an Aqua Culture pump. They can be converted to water cooling apparatus someday and would work very well as evaporative cooling towers. Right now I've got no money for that stuff, and my rig is behind the times as it is.....
The main mounting board is just a sheet of good quality 3/4" plywood. All the aluminum brackets, mounting flanges, and subframes were hand made by me. Only a few brackets are off the shelf parts. The acrylic panels were cut to size and painted from behind. This gives the "glass" a smooth look. The emblem on the main panel of acrylic was hand painted inside the panel by drawing a reversed version of the symbol and placing it on a table then laying the panel on top of that, upside down. I used a black border around the grey lines to make the symbol stand out more. Paint pens were used to make the lines, and work very well for freehand art.
The drives are also covered with acrylic panels painted from inside too. Painting acrylic this way allows you to create nice, seamless windows anywhere you want without nasty edges or dremel accidents showing.
The secondary machine called Callisto, is just a Pentium II 400 rig with 256 MB of ram. It has a 32 MB NV MX400 card and an Intel pro-100 NIC, along with a 5.1 channel sound card. I use this system to feed the main rig with tunes and also as a secondary display to cruise the net while gaming, in case someone trys pulling the wool over my eyes I can research the facts on the fly and school them good....! But mostly it is to reduce the CPU overhead from the main machine so that my frame rates don't get killed by playing music or multitasking Framed 8.0.
All the info is at my website, check it out. It's a long read with many links, and of course the rest of my life is posted there too. Have fun, and happy modding!


Office overview, lights on

Entire setup, unmasked and...

Bottom machine (Callisto)

Night Control shot, lit...

Powered up


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Mon Jul 04, 05 11:42PM
Dope smoker #2. Too much time on your hands. The female disaster in your life (if you have one) doesn't give you any? Report Comment
Tue Jul 05, 05 4:44PM
What are you, jealous? Or would you like to start a flame war? If you think this is the only project I've ever done, you are sorely mistaken. Check out the [H]ardForums and browse for my name there. As far as my wife is concerned, she gives it up to me anytime I want. I'm 33 with two kids, dumbass. Read my website before you try to act cool and pompous. Oh yeah, keep an eye out in Computer and Electronics shows for me and my work. My wife will be there and we can both point and laugh at the irony of your comments...... Report Comment
Mon Aug 29, 05 2:45PM
I don't know what his problem is. This is one of the best pieces of work, and one of the most original I've ever seen. Report Comment

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