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Dallas Koolance by dallas   (4 comments)

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Motherboard brand:123
Motherboard:NF7S V2.
Case Brand:1469
Small Form Factor:No
CPU Cooling brand:0
CPU Cooler Type:water
CPU cooler:(Koolance watercooler integrated with case)
Additional Cooling Info:Video Card and Northbridge are water cooled. tt active memory cooler for ram. 1 coolermaster fan for intake in front and 1 for rear. Alot of air moving in this case. Very silent though. Heatsink on the southbridge.
Video Card brand:97
Video Card:9600 XT
Case URL:
CPU Type/Core:Athlon Barton 2800XP
CPU Overclocked Clock Speed:2500
CPU multiplier:12.5x
CPU markings:
CPU Voltage:1.9v
Memory Brand/Type:1 Gig OCZ Plat. Rev. 2 ,DDR 400 Dual Channel
Memory Speed:
Memory Voltage:2.8v
Overclocking Notes:Idle Temp: 32C
Load Temp: 36C
These are loads during summer so the ambient temps are a little high.
The Vcore is at 1.9 but only shows up at 1.85 in the bios. The NF7 S is know to undervolt a little.

Additional Details:

Abit NV7S V2. TicTac Bios (D26 Black Mantaray)
Koolance PC2 650 Water Cooled Case
3 tt blue led fans on top now
2 PC Toys Blue Cathodes
OCZ Modstream 480 watt PSU

I have changed a few things in this case like the fans on top, memory cooling and southbridge cooing and also removed the plastic duct that comes over the rad, it is supposed to to cool the temp controller for the case. My temps dropped 3 degrees by removing this and have had no ill affects.


Dark shot of side.

Side View

Well did some things to my...

Here is a little bit better...


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Sat Jul 17, 04 11:56PM
not bad for a koolance case, my friend could never get temps like those with his koolance case.
nice OC too on that barton desktop.
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Fri Jul 23, 04 9:53PM
I have changed a few things in this case also to get those temps. I removed the fans and they are all exhausting now. I used AS5 on the cpu. Recently I have just purchased ram cooler from tt. I am adding heatsinks to the mosfets and to the southbridge to achieve a higher overclock. I also changed the temp display to a blue one, that was fun let me tell you lol. I will be posting new pics soon on here and my website. Modding a premod, sounds kina funny huh, but I have got the bug lol. Report Comment
Mon Jul 04, 05 11:34PM
this is what happens when you come up with a kooky idea while smoking some dope, and when you wake up the next STILL think its a good idea. But you know what, I'd still be proud to own it. Hats off to ya dude. I salute! Report Comment
Sun Aug 21, 05 6:15PM
Thanks I appreciate it, but wait there is more. I just added a new pic and will be adding more in a few days. Lcd mod with a psone screen. Who says you can't mod a premod. lol Report Comment

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