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ThinkTank by BrainEater   (9 comments)

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CPU Brand:Intel
Motherboard brand:88
Case Brand:0
Small Form Factor:No
CPU Cooling brand:0
CPU Cooler Type:exotic
CPU cooler:BrainEater custom
Additional Cooling Info:The entire machine is submerged in liquid coolant.This in turn is cooled by a handmade 450 Watt Peltier TEM.
Video Card brand:98
Video Card:Gladiac geforce2 gts 64 M
Case URL:
CPU Type/Core:p3 800 eb
CPU Overclocked Clock Speed:
CPU multiplier:x
CPU markings:
CPU Voltage:v
Memory Brand/Type:cas2 pc133
Memory Speed:
Memory Voltage:v
Overclocking Notes:No overclocking has been done yet....That will have to wait until I finish fabricating the heatpipes for the cpu/gpu ;)

Basically , the machine started life as a Lian-li pc-65 case....I completely dissassembled the case down to the raw frame , and rebuilt it from scratch , so it would accept the tank.The tank is handmade using 3/8" glass and 1/4" aluminum....There is a removeable plate on the back of the tank that forms the 'coldplate' of the TEC module.
The Peltiers are cooled by a handmade ~17 lb pure copper heatsink.
The full motherboard/cpu/ram/cards and the PSU are completely submerged in a dielectric fluid called Midel 7131...The fluid is circutated/jetted at cpu/gpu with a small submersable pump.Cooling is controlled by a Matrix Orbital mx2 series lcd.

The machine weighs 95 lbs , and draws just over 1 Kw of electricity when running.




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Tue Aug 17, 04 12:39PM
This is really amazing! I doubt anyone has the skills let alone the patients to make something like this. Its too bad you only have a p3 in there..
and the energy consumtion is scary. if u wanted to run that 24/7 u would look at 100 bucks a month on energy if u lived in california. An A/C unit would consume a lot less and possible be more efficient as well as less in weight (17lbs heatsink.. yikes!)
either way, that sir, is a masterpiece in preformance cooling and possible the best submerged cpu i've ever seen.
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Tue Aug 17, 04 8:25PM
umm.... ok, your using 1 kw of power to cool a P3. why would u want to?? why would u even want to overclock that?? come on now, its a P3 and a geforce 2!!! just a buy a new computer... Report Comment
Wed Aug 18, 04 7:20AM might notice , it's next a similar lian -li case.....thats my p4 gaming rig....I only use the p3 as a server.

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Thu Aug 19, 04 12:51PM
For not have High-end parts, its a cool looking design, just dont drop it....or kick it......or try to move it....liquid + electric cuttent = not a good thing Report Comment
Sun Aug 22, 04 5:28PM
hey renegade, that liquid is a poor conductor. hence the submerging. if it was water, the computer wouldn't even start. Report Comment
Mon Aug 23, 04 1:31PM
Wow, that's just... wow... How hard would it be for you to do upgrades to that, should the situation arise? How exactly would you go about doing that, would you have to drain all the liquid out, or do you have a way of pulling the mobo and everything out without having to do that? Report Comment
Mon Aug 23, 04 4:35PM
Does this void the warranty? :D

Ok all joking aside, and on the note of upgrading. What happens if you want to swap out components to another system? How do you clean the Midel 7131 dieletric fluid? Not sure about that one there.

This is definitely one step up from that dude who submerged his naked motherboard in a foam seafood container full of non-conductive fluid ;).
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Mon Aug 23, 04 8:08PM
Haha...yea I'm pretty sure the warranty is toast .

Neways......First off , draining the fluid in not a big issue , but not a requirement for alterations.The top of the tank is what forms the base of the motherboard mounts......I can just yank the whole shootin match out if I need to.

As far as upgrading it : I made the mobo mounts to be standard ATX ;)

As far as cleaning it goes .....
The components went thru quite a process before the first submersion...First , I removed every trace of every sticker on anything.I then removed the pvc jackets from every electrolytic capacitor I could.At that point , everything was totally washed in a)soap and water and b)99% isopropanol.
The last process was to seal the electrolytics/inductors/transformers with an acrylic conformal coating.This prevents the Midel from degrading the rubber/ basically , It was all clean to begin with.

The tank is basically sealed , so cleaning the midel isn't really an issue...I may filter it before I fill it again (I have dissasmbled it to redo the TEM ).
As far as cleaning the midel OFF components ,I just use Isopropanol....seems to work.

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Sun Nov 06, 05 5:43AM
It is about time somebody did full submersion. I'm guessing distilled water = bad? Report Comment

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