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Shuttle SFF by Daniel Andrew Lowe   (1 comments)

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Motherboard brand:190
Motherboard:Shuttle FN41
Case Brand:-1
Small Form Factor:Yes
CPU Cooling brand:0
CPU Cooler Type:air
CPU cooler:-
Additional Cooling Info:On the Video card is a Revoltec VPU cooler exactly identical to the Vantec Iceberg Kit. The Revoltec VPU cooler is realy cheap and effective. It is 100% the same as the Vantec Iceberg, and cools the same also.

This is aircooled instead of h2o to save weight and space.
Video Card brand:201
Video Card:-
Case URL:

This is a modded Shuttle SN41G2 case.

There's no drive but underneath the table is an External USB enclosure.

The feet are actually cabinet shelf handles for kitchen/bathroom - I got them at a hardware store in Denmark called Silvan.

The side intake hole in the window is made by a 50mm Cupdrill. I just taped it all up and cut at a high rev, to make the cut clean. And then after I shaved the melted Acryllic of with a sanderdrill on the Dremel.

The intake in the acrylic serves a purpose. I had a 9800pro card in there with no intake, and I got so hot, it actually melted the acrylic and fried the Gfx.. 2 hours later, there were nothing but artifacts on the screen, and R.I.P R9800 pro.


Shuttle SN41G2 modded.

There's an external USB...

Revoltec VPU (twin of the...


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Thu May 26, 05 12:59PM
I like this mod. Especialy the window that is showing off your gfx :) Report Comment

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