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The Flamecube by Captain Slug   (1 comments)

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CPU Brand:Intel
Motherboard brand:210
Case Brand:2024
Small Form Factor:Yes
CPU Cooling brand:1676
CPU Cooler Type:air
CPU cooler:Dynatron DC1207BM-X
Additional Cooling Info:
Video Card brand:90
Video Card:Onboard video
Case URL:
CPU Type/Core:P4 2.4C
CPU Overclocked Clock Speed:
CPU multiplier:x
CPU markings:
CPU Voltage:v
Memory Brand/Type:
Memory Speed:
Memory Voltage:v
Overclocking Notes:

Casetronic C138 case.

The case is designed to be a portable that would compete with the GameCube in size. The challenge in this is the very tight working space.

The case has gone through extensive custom modifications - over 40 hours were spent on the case already.

Because the case is so small I could not fit code cathodes. I originally intended to use 4-inch cold cathodes, but I became weary of finding room to fit them and their inverter in the case without obstructing anything.

So in order to make the case more identifiable by it's name, I spent another set of tedious hours crafting some LED light bars. Each light bar consists of 7, 1.7v LEDs wired in series. Which were then permanently installed into the uniformly drilled edge of a polycarbonate U-channel. Each bar fits neatly in either side of the case.

The screen itself is the last bare 5.6" video LCD that Parts Express had in stock. On it's own it measured 0.75 inches deep, so any lid I made would have to be atleast 1.25 inches deep or more to provide enough clearance.


Full shot. You can see the...

Inside shot. Cable...

Shot from top - laptop DVD...

Shot with HD in place. You...

Top window through which...

Shot from behind.

Even more fun in the dark!

To facilitate better...


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Sun Aug 01, 04 10:09PM
very nice and clean for such a small case. the lcd really makes it look like a gamecube, lol Report Comment

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