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Bedemir by sigmund   (2 comments)

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CPU Brand:Intel
Motherboard brand:88
Motherboard:ASUS P2B
Case Brand:0
Small Form Factor:No
CPU Cooling brand:0
CPU Cooler Type:air
CPU cooler:Stock cooler without fan
Additional Cooling Info:This computer has no fans at all. It is placed in a closet right beside a stairway, and has plenty of air streaming through it. So, even when overclocked from 350 to ~392MHz, it stays cool an stable.
Video Card brand:97
Video Card:ATI Rage PRO AGP 2X
Case URL:
CPU Type/Core:Intel Pentium II (Descutes) 512kB L2 cache 0,25u
CPU Overclocked Clock Speed:394
CPU multiplier:3.5x
CPU markings:Family 6, Model 5, Stepping 2, Revision dB0
CPU Voltage:2.016v
Memory Brand/Type:256MB Crucial PC142 with heatspreaders
Memory Speed:112
Memory Voltage:2.016v
Overclocking Notes:Overclocking this board was pure fun. It runs rock stable, stays cool no matter how hard it is run, and is generally loveable :)

The board is mounted on 6 normal case-type raisers, which were forced into drilled holes in the wooden wall. The PSU is held in by two 90 degree angle screws, and held up by two small nails. The bootdisk (an ATA66 3,2GB Fujitsu 5400 drive) lays on a shelf beside the mainboard, and the two storage drives (2x ATA100 30GB Maxtor 7200 drives) are standing on a piece of bubblewrap on the shelft below. In order to get enouugh molex outputs (and the needed length of the cables) some of the power cables are extended, using cables from defective PSUs. Beside the PSU the mountplace for a ATAPI cdrom may be spotted. On the shelf above, the network printers are situated. Lately, one 600VA and one 500VA UPS has been added on the lowes shelf, and an additional server is placed on the diskshelf beneath Bedemir. I will upload an updated image later :)


Dated May 21st, this image...

The image closest to the...

With the dedicated server...


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Mon Jul 04, 05 11:28PM
perhaps no clothes, but this guy has a life! Report Comment
Sun Nov 06, 05 5:38AM
LMFAO!!!!!!!!!! Report Comment

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