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CPU Brand:Intel
Motherboard brand:88
Case Brand:2229
Small Form Factor:Yes
CPU Cooling brand:919
CPU Cooler Type:water
CPU cooler:Dangen Den TDX
Additional Cooling Info:Swiftech Apex Ultra - dual 12cm rad, pump, res, vga block
Video Card brand:97
Video Card:X700
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I always liked small-form-factor cases, and at the same time wanted to try my hand at serious Liquid Cooling. My only gripe with most SFF cases was the limitations on the size, type and power of the PSU that you could fit inside. When I saw the Silverstone SG01, that allowed standard size ATX PSU's to be used, I knew that was the case for me. I had played around a little bit with some entry-level liquid cooling products, but they didn't satisfy me. When I saw the Swiftech APEX ULTRA I knew that's what I wanted. So I started my project by simply ordering those two components, and then I sat around trying to figure out how in the world I was going to accomodate a dual 12CM radiator into a SFF case!

Finally, I settled on using a Swiftech Radbox, with additional stand-offs to allow enough room to plug cables into the back panel of the case. I originally used the wonderful Swiftech APOGEE CPU waterblock, but it was too tall to fit, given the low clearance, with the PSU directly over the motherboard. So I switched to the Danger Den TDX775, as it has a lower profile, and it just fit. I also committed to using 1/2" ID tubing throughout, which required that I use a number of right-angle connectors to keep the tubing from collapsing.

I run the machine as a dual-boot, with SuSE Linux 10 and Windows XP, both 64-bit versions, and the machine is almost dead-quiet. I added a couple of low speed fans inside to keep a little air moving around, and I am able to run the pump at a low speed while still getting terrific cooling performance.

As to the name, why would anyone go to such lengths to stuff so many parts into such a small case? Its like putting the landing gear for a 747 onto a Cessna...







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