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Liquid Cooled by Liquid_Cooled   (6 comments)

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CPU Brand:Intel
Motherboard brand:123
Case Brand:184
Small Form Factor:No
CPU Cooling brand:919
CPU Cooler Type:water
CPU cooler:Maze4 CPU Block
Additional Cooling Info:Maze4 Chipset Block, Maze4 GPU Block, Hydor L30 Pump, Black Ice Extreme Radiator, 1/2" Tygon Tubing
Video Card brand:91
Video Card:FX 5900 Ultra 256MB @ 500/950
Case URL:
CPU Type/Core:Penitum 4 2.4C 800 FSB
CPU Overclocked Clock Speed:3000
CPU multiplier:12x
CPU markings:SL6Z3
CPU Voltage:1.55v
Memory Brand/Type:Corsair TwinX 4000PT Dual Channel
Memory Speed:500
Memory Voltage:2.8v
Overclocking Notes:2.4c overclocks easily to 3.0, I've reached 3.6 stable, but temps go up to 55C load, so i keep it at 3.0 now.

I've noticed alot of modded cases out there look .....tacky. I much prefer the clean sophisticated look. I built this rig for SILENCE, and gaming :) It was very difficult fitting a 3 block water cooling system into such a small case, but I managed.

EVERY cable has been sleeved blue and hidden away. thats all for now, if you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]


The case glows blue, but...

dayshot of it

white CCFL's are very...

stealthed doors.

view of the guts.

3 block system.

FX 5900 Ultra water cooled,...

Radiator on the top of the...

back of the case....

i have a toggle stitch for...

oh dear, what a mess. all...

my desktop. Logitech MX...

plain and simple setup.


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Sat Jul 17, 04 11:59PM
very clean setup dude, and good combination of components. That tygon tubing makes me drool Report Comment
Tue Jul 27, 04 1:33PM
OOOHHH!! So pretty, Awesome work, those tubes are just so sexy, with all that light, and water, oohh, wow. Thats very cool man. Report Comment
Sat Jan 29, 05 7:30AM
this is crean to the max, i like the fact that you haven't used black light as ppl usually do...
personally i like som smaller effects here and there but that's a mater of opinion...
one other thing....
shouldn't we try to make this place a usefull place for us casemodders, by rating eachothers mods and giving some comments about them like ideas for additional mods, critisism, etc.
that would surely make this place a bit alive...
(sry for posting this so many times, but this place is merely dead)
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Wed Nov 09, 05 4:32PM
that is probelbly the best and most stunning water cooling job i have ever seen. unbelievable.... Report Comment
Mon Dec 05, 05 6:20PM
i cant even really describe how much i love this set-up..probably one of my favorite setups ever. its so clean and sophisticated looking. i love the use of those white CCL's...just awesome. my hat goes of to you, twice. ^_^ keep it up bro. Report Comment
Thu Apr 06, 06 9:42PM
just amazing very clean and nice love the look.

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