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EMMETT - Back To The Future Mod by Flex   (5 comments)

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Motherboard brand:201
Case Brand:337
Small Form Factor:No
CPU Cooling brand:337
CPU Cooler Type:air
CPU cooler:Standard Fan
Additional Cooling Info:The Sonata II Antec case comes with a "fan chimney" built into it. Most modders would remove this but i decided to keep it and simply make it clear so you can see the fans. The chimney holds one 80mm fan and one 92mm fan. As well as these there is the standard exhaust fan at the back and a 120mm fan against the hd's.
Video Card brand:91
Video Card:Dual 6600 GT
Case URL:

The original metal door is replaced with a clear acrylic sheet, painted with a black border round the edge, and held in position with screws. The "chimney" has both sides replaced with clear acrylic so you can see the fans and then through to the mother board. The fans mounted in the "chimney" have been modded with 4 high-intensity blue LEDs and glow in a spiral. The oringial PSU has been replaced with an Ebuyer 550w 'neon' power supply which is lit by 4 neon coloured LEDs from the inside. On the outside, a panel lit from behind by a ring of EL wire glows and shows the Mr Fusion symbol. All but one of the HD shelves has been removed and replaced with a home made Flux Capacitor, made from a coin/cash box and some 10mm clear tubing. Against the side of the CD drive shelves is mounted an EL wire lit dot matrix bar graph. Under the graph lays the 200GB hardrive which is cooled by a 120mm fan, again lit by 4 high-intensity LEDs. The 24 pin motherboard power cable and the floppy drive data cable have been rolled and layed inside 20mm thick black ribbed tubing, and all other power cables have had the molex connectors removed, the connections soldered, and placed inside clear 10mm tubing. The clear tubing used for the power cables and the Flux Capacitor is UV reactor and reacts to 2 foot long cold UV cathode tubes, which mades them glow blue. The large gap between the PSU and the CD drives has been covered by a side of ribbed black piping, and all inner sides of the case visible from the door have been pained in metalic black paint. On the front is a panel which displays the computers name - EMMETT - cut out of thin metal. Under which is the CD drive and and Musketeer II display panel which shows the left and right audio output levels as well as the hd usage using analogue/needle displays. In the floppy drive bays resides a standard 3.5 inch floppy drive as well as a panel upon which 4 switches are mounted. The first two switches contol the EL wire and the UV tubes which can be set to OFF, ON, and SOUND ACTIVATED so that they flash to the input of sound. The 3rd switch, switches the fan chimney, 120mm fan, and original front lights on and off, for a quiet stand by mode. And finally the 4th switch switches the Musketeer II panel on and off.

The case is based on the Delorean Time Machine from "Back to the Future". Such things as the Mr Fusion and certainly the Flux Capacitor are obviously links to the original, but the case also contains other links. Each fan is labelled with the DMC symbol that was the emblem of the Delorean which the time machine was built into. The compter name, "Emmett", is 'The Doc's' first name, and the dot bar graph can be seen inside the time machine over Marty's left shoulder. The analoge displays on the front resemble those which showed the plutonium levels in the original time machine and the whole messy cable look is very similar to the oringal Delorean TM layout.

Overall i'm very happy with this mod, after all, it is my first.


The side of EMMETT - the...

The UV reactive cables - I...

What BTTF time machine...

The fan "chimney" part of...

Just in case you wondered...

I thought i'd add a pic so...

Just thought you might...

This is the best one i...

Here you can see the 3 blue...

The front, as best as i...

The Mr Fusion Power Supply....

The case from an angle so...

Just to prove those...


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Thu Apr 20, 06 4:45PM
nice job, the side pic has this thing at the bottom right, which looks like the "flex-capacitor" from back to the future...hehe AWESOME Report Comment
Mon Apr 24, 06 3:51AM
Awesome case, very professional job.

vandel, I wonder why it looks like the "flex capacitor"? Cause its a Back to the Future case! Maybe if you read the description you would have realised this, some people...
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Mon Apr 24, 06 1:36PM
Very nice, impressed. Report Comment
Sun Apr 30, 06 7:00AM
wow this case looks better than sex :) cant believe i havnt seen it in real life yet. Report Comment
Sat May 27, 06 3:41PM
1337...+1. But seriously nice job man looks pretty cool, pity u can't put up a vid of it in action, pulsing to the music :P Report Comment

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