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Flameout by hotrod7   (0 comments)

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Motherboard brand:170
Motherboard:some of generic SocketA mobo
Case Brand:-1
Small Form Factor:No
CPU Cooling brand:0
CPU Cooler Type:air
CPU cooler:zalman cnps-7000
Additional Cooling Info:
Video Card brand:136
Video Card:Ti4600
Case URL:

This was a Dr. Generic Lame-o beige computer case when i started, unfortunately i got my new digital camera half way through the project and dont have any "before" pictures, but rest assured, it was lame. anyways, i sanded this bad boy flat, primered it, and squirted the panels and front bezel in a granite textured finish. the main chassis and drive cage [which i rebuilt to accomodate more drives] i hit with a flat black to give it a nice clean looking interior. the side window i cut out and put a clear acrylic window in using acrylic epoxy. secondly i got a sheet of clear neon orange acrylic and laid out a set of flames on the protective paper it come wrapped in, then proceeded to cut the main chunks off on the band saw then I cleaned everything up with a dremel [dont hold any fast moving tool on acrylic for too long... this stuff melts really quickly, and smells awful]i mainly built this case for fun and it is for sale if anyones interested. [email protected]


heres a standard daylight...

no flash, dim...

side panel in front of a 5...

close up fo the detail of...


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