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About Mofocases

Mofocases is the premier case gallery site to showcase your custom modded case. This isn't just the run of the mill case gallery: this is the ULTIMATE collection in enthusiast computer rigs. We subcategorize by popularity, ranking, cooling type, and the coveted Mofo Approved award. We also have a strict approval process, demanding the MOST detail and encouraging the highest quality pictures and most descriptive explanations possible for each case. You spend hours modding your case, so why not spent a few extra minutes ensuring that its shown to the world in its FULL glory.

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Case Submission Guide

Don't bother to submit your case unless:
  1. You have a REAL mofo. Stock cases with no mods, no cable cleanup, and no nothin' worth looking at will be laughed at and promptly deleted.
  2. You're serious about showing off your badass mofo. We want details and descriptions. Don't make us guess if you've tweaked out your rig or if you've brought some long-obsolete Celeron back from the dead.
  3. You have GOOD looking pics. We don't want blurry, fuzzy, out of focus pics you took using your little brother's 5 year old webcam.
So what makes for a GOOD submission?
  1. Submit GOOD pictures. We want clarity, and detail.
  2. Take Multiple Pictures:
    • Show off multiple angles (don't just take 5 of the front - d'oh!)
    • Show pics of the interior - mobo, CPU cooling setup, cable cleanup, etc.
    • Show pics with room lights off if you have case lighting
    • Show before and after pics if this is a project of yours.
    • Show pics of the case at different stages if you want to show off how you did your mods
  3. Submit pics that are at least 400 wide and 300 in height. Bigger pics mean BETTER details.
  4. Clean up your images in Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, or any other graphics program.
    • Adjust contrast if pics are too dark
    • Adjust colours as necessary
  5. Be descriptive when submitting a case
    • In the description field, tell us details of what you did.
    • List special products that you used, steps that you took
    • Things that might be of interest to other modders or that might help other modders should definitely be included!
BIG MOFO WARNING: We will reject any pics that are crappy or sloppy looking. If you want to submit lame ass pics that nobody can make out, submit them to some other gallery. If we can't tell whether its a case or your Uncle Bob's oversized shorts, its not gonna make the cut.

What NOT to do in your submissions

When submitting ANY content at all, whether it is a case or a comment on a case:
  1. Don't use explicit language. Use all the witty friendly insults you want but keep the overall attitude clean. This is a place about cases, computers, and modding. Just because we call it "mofocases" doesn't mean we want rampant use of excessive swearing.
  2. Do NOT submit exaggerated overclocking results. This is a community of modders and we're here to help each other out.
  3. Do NOT comment on other cases just for the sake of posting up "signatures". Congratulate fellow modders, criticize their work, etc, but don't spam the comments.

Contacting Us

The site is pretty much dormant now, if you need to contact us please visit our contact form here.

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